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Do I need a VPN on My Android TV box?

Getting a VPN for your Android TV box is a good idea, particularly if you’re planning on streaming video online.A good VPN service will keep your browsing activity private from your ISP, allow you to access more streaming content by bypassing geoblocks and more.

How long is the Chinese New Year 2019?

February 5. The Chinese New Year of 2019 falls on February 5th (Tuesday), and the festival will last to February 19th, about 15 days in total. 2019 is a Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac.Year of the Pig 2019 : a year of fortune and luck! The Pig occupies the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. You are a “Pig Chinese Zodiac native” if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 . 2019 is a great year to make money, and a good year to invest! If you have enough money,you could consider to make investment in China because China is one of the vastest markets in the world and the economy is very good as well as stable.

What is difference between the Android TV Box and Tablet PC?

TV box is attached to TV and use the TV as a monitor. You need a separate keyboard and mouse to use it. It works exactly like the tablet and has almost same apps. They usually have USB ports for external devices like hard drives, keyboards, etc. 

Christmas or Xmas?

Christmas is also sometimes known as Xmas. Some people don't think it's correct to call Christmas 'Xmas' as that takes the 'Christ' (Jesus) out of Christmas. (As Christmas comes from Christ-Mass, the Church service that celebrated the birth of Jesus.)But that is not quite right! In the Greek language and alphabet, the letter that looks like an X is the Greek letter chi / Χ (pronounced 'kye' - it rhymes with 'eye') which is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Christos.The early church used the first two letters of Christos in the Greek alphabet 'chi' and 'rho' to create a monogram (symbol) to represent the name of Jesus. This looks like an X with a small p on the top: ☧The symbol of a fish is sometimes used by Christians (you might see a fish sticker on a car or someone wearing a little fish badge). This comes from the time when the first Christians had to meet in secret, as the Romans wanted to kill them (before Emperor Constantine became a Christian). Jesus had said that he wanted to make his followers 'Fishers of Men', so people started to use that symbol.When two Christians met, one person drew half a basic fish shape (often using their foot in the dust on the ground) and the other person drew the other half of the fish. The Greek word for fish is 'Ikthus' or 'Ichthys'. There are five Greek letters in the word. It can also make up a sentence of Christian beliefs 'Ie-sous Christos Theou Huios So-te-r' which in English means "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour". The second letter of these five letter is X or Christos!So Xmas can also mean Christmas; but it should also be pronounced 'Christmas' rather than 'ex-mas'!

How Is IPTV Different To Cable Or Satellite?

            How Is IPTV Different To Cable Or Satellite? Cable and Satellite: Both allowing the user to watch the certain channels. The difference between cable and satellite are simple. Cable TV will use fibre or another type of connection to deliver their signal to a box that is then transmitted to the TV.Whereas Satellite TV will use a dish that will capture a signal transmitted via a satellite in space, the signal is then transmitted into a box then onto the television. IPTV: Uses a different way of getting content to the TV. By using television broadcast over Internet Protocols or IPTV, companies can now offer uses Internet Protocol (IP). Internet Protocol or IP is the term used for transferring data packets between computers connected to the internet.This allows providers to send UHD quality TV channels and movies to a set-top box over the internet that has a connection speed of only 10MBPS. IPTV uses servers to get the content onto the TV, by using an app it connects to a provider’s services thus streaming the content directly onto the TV. Internet Protocol (IP) is now the preferred chosen method to watch TV as its so convenient. The IPTV providers can now offer a broader range of services as the data can be stored on servers and accessed by uses at any time. You are now no longer limited to what you watch and when you watch it. Providers can save a vast amount of data on servers, and can now do a lot of things you could only dream about a few years ago.

What is a HLS stream?

What is a HLS stream?HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) is an HTTP-based media streamingcommunications protocol implemented by Apple Inc. as part of its QuickTime, Safari, OS X, and iOS software. ... Later versions of the protocol also provide for trick-mode fast-forward and rewind and for integration of subtitles.

What is Miracast?

Miracast is the certification standard run by Wi-Fi-Alliance, if a device passes the certification test it can be referred to as a “Miracast device” or “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast®”. Miracast is based on Wi-Fi-Alliance's Wi-Fi Display specifications. The Wi-Fi  Display technological specification is copyrighted and therefore owned by Wi-Fi Alliance.Miracast is a standard that allows a device such as a laptop,cell phone or tablet to discover and connect to another device such as a TV to enable wireless delivery of multimedia. Miracast was created as a solution to have wireless sharing of multimedia between devices, it can be thought of as a wireless HDMI solution that is cross platform. Miracast was not only to do away with the need for HDMI cables but also be be cross platform so as not to be limited to a manufacturer or be a proprietary system such as Apple’s Airplay or Googles Chromecast.

How Can I add an app to my Vizio smart TV?

Smart TVs with Internet access now allow you to download and install apps you can view and use directly from your television, such as Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Twitter, eBay, Facebook, and more. Most Smart TVs come with pre-installed apps by default, but if you’re using a Smart TV from brands such as Samsung, LG, and Vizio, you can download and install additional apps that can improve your experience as a user.Vizio Smart TVs1 Verify that your Vizio Smart TV is connected to the Internet using a wireless or wired connection. An Internet connection is required to add and install new apps.2 Power on your television and press the “V” button on your remote. This will access the App Bar.3 Use the arrow keys on your remote to highlight either the Yahoo TV Store or CTV Store. Your options will vary depending on the model of your Vizio Smart TV.4 Press “OK” to launch the app store. A list of all available apps will display on-screen.5 Browse through the app store to find the app you want installed on your television. Examples of app categories you can choose from are Videos, Games, Sports, Lifestyle, Education, and more.6 Highlight the app you want added to your Vizio Smart TV, then press “OK.”7 Use the arrow keys to highlight “Install App,” then press “OK.” The app will begin downloading, and display on the App Bar when complete.

What is dual band WiFi?

Dual band is the capability of wireless routers to transmit on the 5 GHz band and also the 2.4 GHz band. Unlike other wifi routers that only support one signal band,dual-band routers contain two different types of wireless that can support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections.Dual-band router support both bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and provide faster speed and flexibility. Therefore, the dual-band router avoids connection issues or interferences and offers more stability. The dual-band can also reach a signal up to 100x the wireless bandwidth.

What is difference between Amlogic S905D2 & Amlogic S905X2 and Amlogic S912?

This is a title S912 S905D2 S905X2  FREQ1.5Ghz  2.0 Ghz  2.0 Ghz GPUMali-T820MP3Q31 MP2Q31 MP2MemoryDDR3/4, DDR3/4, LPDD2/3 DDR3/4/3L, LPDDR3/4DDR3/4/3L, LPDDR3/4GPU APIOpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.1, DirectX11 FL9_3, OPenCL1.1/1.2OpenGL ES3.2, Vulkan1.0 and OPenCL2.0OpenGL ES3.2, Vulkan1.0 and OPenCL2.0Video Decord4k2k H.265&VP94k2k H.265&VP9&AVS2-P24k2k H.265&VP9&AVS2-P2Video interface HDMI1.4, HDMI2.0HDMI1.4, HDMI2.0, HDMI2.1HDMI1.4, HDMI2.0, HDMI2.1Audio interfaceI2S, SPDIFI2S, PCM, SPDIF, Audio, DACI2S, PCM, SPDIF, Audio, DACUSBUSB2.0USB3.0USB3.0

Why Heineken beer so popular worldwide?

Gerard Adriaan Heineken wanted to create a clean lager beer, and started brewing the Heineken beer in 1873 at an old brewery in Amsterdam. After years of hard work, it became Holland's first premium lager beer.  And 142 years later, it became the world’s number one international premium beer.So what is it that makes Heineken so popular? It's because they do things differently:1. The Heineken you order in Malaysia tastes exactly like the one in the NetherlandsThey taste exactly the same. For real. Not just in Malaysia, but across all 192 countries where Heineken is available. That's because they will send a sample of the beer produced in each brewery back to the Netherlands for inspection.  And that's how they make sure you get the same quality of Heineken no matter where you are.2. They brew their beer longer than othersThe average beer brewing process stops after two weeks. However, at Heineken, they brew their beer for a solid 28 days!  Why? This is so that the beer gets that beautiful golden-yellow colour and a refreshing taste.3. They only need three natural ingredientsYup, just three! All they need are malted barley, hops, and water. But they have to be really pure and natural. 4. There's also a bit of magic that goes into the brewing processThat magic is called the Heineken A-yeast, which was discovered in 1886.  The A-yeast is added to the mixture of the three natural ingredients to initiate the fermentation process, and removed when the process ends after 28 days. This is is how Heineken beer gets its signature balanced, crisp, and rich flavour.5. Every batch of beer brewed must get the seal of approval from Heineken's Master Brewer, or else... According to Heineken's global Master Brewer Willem van Waesberghe, every batch of Heineken beer brewed must be inspected, tested, and approved by their Master Brewers before it goes to the stores and bars.  If a batch of beer is rejected, then they'll have no choice but to go through the 28-day brewing process again.6. And it takes 15 years to be a Master BrewerThink you have what it takes to be a Master Brewer? You gotta train for 15 years to be one. The Heineken beer recipe has been the same since it was first brewed in 1873, and the Master Brewers are the ones who guard it. 7. To get the correct foam level, just refer to the red star on the Heineken glassSee the horizontal line of the red star? That's where the foam level starts. Nothing more, nothing less.  Not many people know this, but having the right amount of foam is important as it protects your beer from oxidation. That's how you keep your beer tasting fresh and crisp for a longer time.8. Heineken was one of the first brewers to sell their beer in green bottlesThe first few brewers to sell their beer in bottles all sold them in brown ones. Wanting to distinguish his beer from the rest, the founder decided to sell Heineken beer in green bottles - the same shade as the ones we see in the stores and bars now!9. Some of these bottles can be used to build houses tooThese are called WOBO bottles, which were commissioned by the Heineken founder's grandson to help the poor people of Curaçao build houses using upcycled materials.  Unlike the usual beer bottles, these have flat surfaces on all sides and a concave bottom. The features allow the bottles to be used like LEGO bricks, interlocking with each other for stability. He even tested the bottles by building a prototype house! And this was done in the 60s, before sustainable housing became a hot topic!

What is an APK file?

APK (Android Package Format) is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware.If you want to install an app/game on Android, you need the APK files, which can usually be downloaded at Playstore. Basically APK files is like EXE files in Windows.There are many Android Apps out there so there are many APK files. I will give you one for example.Sunshine Top brand IPTV APK HDFlix download address:http://vod.hdflixtv.com:10081/APK/com.hdflixtv.android-HDFlix_US_011-release-v1.1-2.apkDownload this apk to  your android system to enjoy 1500+ worldwide channels and 1000hours VOD movies.

What's the difference between IPTV providers and OTT providers via streaming?

IPTV and OTT both use internet as content deliver mechanism. However outside that they are widely different i.e. business model, quality of service, quality of content, ownership, cost etc.OTT streaming is the delivery of audio/video content using regular & unmanaged internet.IPTV uses dedicated network/infrastructure provided by operator. IPTV is a closed, proprietary network and therefore provides high quality, reliable network with control over quality of services.Sunshine Top Co.,Ltd have our own IPTV server, UI design as below.Contact sales2@sunshinetopbox.com for 2 month trial.

Chinese visa

Do I need a visa to visit China's mainland?Foreign citizens generally need a visa to visit China's mainland with the exception of visa-free entry according to relevant agreements and regulations. (See Exemption of visa for more information.)I am a U.S. citizen, can I apply for a Chinese visa at the port of entry?U.S. citizens must obtain a visa before arrival in China. You are not eligible for a landing visa.I have received my visa, but there will be a change in my trip plan. Do I need to apply for a change of the visa type or validity?Once your visa application is processed and approved, you will not be able to change a visa type or validity unless you request the visa be voided by the Visa Office and apply and pay for a new one. If you have entered China, you should apply to the local Public Security authority for a change in visa type or an extension of stay or validity. Your application will be considered by the Public Security authority in accordance with relevant Chinese Laws and Regulations.I get a new passport, but I have a valid Chinese visa in my old passport. Can I travel with both passports to China without applying for a new visa?Yes, you may travel with both passports provided that your visa is still valid and the personal details including your name, sex, date of birth and nationality on both passports are exactly the same.I have received my visa. Is there a guarantee that I will be allowed to enter China?A visa is not a guarantee to enter China. The decision on whether or not you will be allowed to enter China is made at a port of entry by Chinese Border Control authority in accordance with Chinese Laws and Regulations.I am planning to travel as a tourist to Hong Kong, Macao and other cities in China. Do I need different visas?If you are a U.S. citizen, you need to apply for mainland China visa only. For non-U.S. citizens, if you are not eligible for a short-term visa-free visit to HKSAR/Macao SAR , you will need to apply both mainland China visa AND HKSAR/Macao SAR visa.I am now in China on a Z visa and have received my residence permit. Can I leave China and come back as often as I wish?You may use your residence permit (placed on your passport and similar to a visa) issued by the local public security authority to enter and exit China during the validity of the residence permit. No other visa is needed.If you are a Chinese Permanent Resident Card holder, you don't need a visa to enter China during the validity of your Permanent Resident Card.