What is Miracast?

Miracast is the certification standard run by Wi-Fi-Alliance, if a device passes the certification test it can be referred to as a “Miracast device” or “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast®”. Miracast is based on Wi-Fi-Alliance's Wi-Fi Display specifications. The Wi-Fi  Display technological specification is copyrighted and therefore owned by Wi-Fi Alliance.

Miracast is a standard that allows a device such as a laptop,cell phone or tablet to discover and connect to another device such as a TV to enable wireless delivery of multimedia. Miracast was created as a solution to have wireless sharing of multimedia between devices, it can be thought of as a wireless HDMI solution that is cross platform. Miracast was not only to do away with the need for HDMI cables but also be be cross platform so as not to be limited to a manufacturer or be a proprietary system such as Apple’s Airplay or Googles Chromecast.

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