How Is IPTV Different To Cable Or Satellite?

            How Is IPTV Different To Cable Or Satellite? 

Cable and Satellite: 

Both allowing the user to watch the certain channels. The difference between cable and satellite are simple. Cable TV will use fibre or another type of connection to deliver their signal to a box that is then transmitted to the TV.
Whereas Satellite TV will use a dish that will capture a signal transmitted via a satellite in space, the signal is then transmitted into a box then onto the television.


Uses a different way of getting content to the TV. By using television broadcast over Internet Protocols or IPTV, companies can now offer uses Internet Protocol (IP). Internet Protocol or IP is the term used for transferring data packets between computers connected to the internet.
This allows providers to send UHD quality TV channels and movies to a set-top box over the internet that has a connection speed of only 10MBPS. IPTV uses servers to get the content onto the TV, by using an app it connects to a provider’s services thus streaming the content directly onto the TV. 
Internet Protocol (IP) is now the preferred chosen method to watch TV as its so convenient. The IPTV providers can now offer a broader range of services as the data can be stored on servers and accessed by uses at any time. You are now no longer limited to what you watch and when you watch it. Providers can save a vast amount of data on servers, and can now do a lot of things you could only dream about a few years ago.

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