Brand story

Brand story

2000-5,sunshine top was founded,we have own dependent office and workshop

2003-12,our sales amount about 3 million USD, Sales amount  are three times more than they used to be

2005-6月,we  added  SMT shop and added two production lines

2006-9月,our engineering department developed private mode 

2006-12,when the product is first produced ,from different countries customers are under a lot of orders

2008-6月,We got the certificate of product test

2009—2月,The number of overseas sales staff has increased from five people to 10

2009-12月, our company's sales amount  increased by 30% more than usded to be

2012-3月,Once again, we were exhibiting in the Middle East

2012-7月,got a big order from middle east industry agent

2014-12,our sales amount around 18 millions

2015-2, our boss made up his mind plan one travel an annual and take out 10% profit from sales amount to share every employees

2015-4,Our brand is on the Middle East magazine

2016-6,our company brought into ISO9001 quality management system and added layer of new office with 2 thousand metres

2017-6,Our sales amount arount 70 millions, exhibition in holland get different big order and our teamwork went to Thailand travel

2017-10,our customer agent came to our factory and visited our workshop

sunshine is looking forward to the long, firm and win-win cooperation with you .