Must eat in shenzhen

Must eat in shenzhen

Popular Shenzhen Foods — What Shenzheners Eat
  • Cantonese dim sum.
  • Congee is a popular breakfast and lunch meal among Cantonese.
  • Steaming fiery-red Sichuan hot pots are the favorite kind of hot pot of Westerners.
  • Chow mein is stir-fried noodles.
  • Pizza.
  • Sea World has a lot of popular restaurants and has this big restaurant/hotel boat.

With the experience of receving foreign customers, I would like to list some restaurants which were highly commended by them.

For BBQ: Mu wu BBQ( 木屋烧烤); Dahema BBQ ( 大河马烧烤)

For Hot Pot: Haidilao ( 海底捞);Damiao Hot pot ( 大妙火锅)

For Spicy Food: Miao shi chuan cai (缪氏川菜)

For mild food: Green Tea Restaurants ( 绿茶餐厅)

For Cantonese cuisine: Dai Gui Xuan (丹桂轩)

For Drinks: Shekou Sea World (海上世界)