1)Can I plug in the Android TV Box into my computer?

NO! Android TV Box is a computer itself .Only plug in your Android TV Box into a TV with the enclosed HDMI cable.


2)What kind of internet connection do I need to watch live TV stations?

You need a stable internet connection of minimally 7-10mbs.speed. The faster your internet speed the better the quality will be for viewing. Especially when viewing HD programming. You can test your internet speed at


3)My Android TV Box can not access the network?

Check if the WiFi icon in the lower right corner is completely gray(for Wifi user) or check if LAN cable is fully connected to the Android TV Box( For Enternet user). If your network have security enabled,make sure you enter the correct password. If security is enabled on the network,temporarily disable it on the base station and try connection again


4)My Videos buffer a lot?

Check your internet speed, we recommend a stable internet speed of 10Mbps or more for the best internet experience,The faster internet connection you have ,the faster your TV show,Live Sports and HD movies will load ,If you have under 10Mbps,you should consider upgrading your internet speed.


5)Can I access all my social networking apps, like facebook, Instagram, twitter, skype, and more?

Yes. Android Tv box offers google chrome for web browsing.

6)What is the difference between AmlogicS805/S812/S905

AmlogicS805---Upgrade for AML8726-MX with faster multi-core performance, better GPU, HEVC, 1080p H.264 video encoding, and Gigabit Ethernet.Apart from 4K support, it can do anything S812 does, so if you don’t need 4K video playback and output, this could be a cheaper solution. Power consumption should also be lower than to the Cortex A5 cores instead of Cortex A9 for the other SoCs.
AmlogicS812 – Same as S802 but adding H.265/HEVC video decoding up to 4K and Gigabit Ethernet. This makes it more future proof than S802, and it could potentially be used as a media center with a USB hard drive and Gigabit Ethernet connection.
AmlogicS905---Upgrade for AmlogicS805 with 64bit processor with Penta Core Mali 450 up to 750Mhz+, Android5,1 system , Support H.265 4K output@60fps and 10-bit HEVC video decode.

7)What kind of accessories comes with the Android TV Box ?

One Android TV box unit ,Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable,User Manual and IR Remote Control.
But mostly we definitely recommend getting a wireless USB Mouse or 2.4Ghz Air Mouse ,It will work great on any surface.