New Smart TV Box Arrival--RK3128H

New Smart TV Box Arrival--RK3128H


First 15K trial order of RK3128H.

There is a new Rockchip chipset out for smart tv box recently,Thats Rockchip 3128H,the advantage of this chipset,stable quadcore Cortex A7 with most favorable price than its competitor AmlogicS805,AllwinnerA31.

Its a new come out in the early of 2018,with its Mali GPU and 1080P,H.265 hardware encoder.

The rockchip3128h chipset based on Cortes A7 and quadcore,its almost USD2 Cheaper than the most popular Tv box solution Amlogic S805,the experts says it will instead the other TV box solution,such as Allwinner A31S in the market,so let’s test and see .

Rockchip features tested by the third party;

1)The RK3128H takes 23s for star.

2)Play video or movies for 5 days continuously,no flick or crash problems on the screen,which exist on  All winnerA31s at the very beginning.

3)Play Live TV channels for a whole day and no problem of  flick out the screen .

4)With Hardware encoder H265 for RK3128H,fast and fluent on basis of speed limitation 200kb/s when paly video/movies and its more fluent comparing with Allwinner A31s.

CPUQuadcore,ARM Cortex-A7,CPU up to 1.3GHz. 

GPU ARM Mali-400MP2 GPUsupport OpenGL ES1.1/2.0    
Image process Built-in 2D hardware processormulti encoder format,1080P 1080P H265 hardware encoder 1080P video formatalso support H.264 

FlashSupport MLC NANDeMMC 

Ram Support LPDDR2DDR3DDR3L 


In order to follow our customer’s requirements,our R&D team already drawed the Board with 3128H and now ready for the first 15K trial order test.

Come and find us if you are also interested in !