How to connect the TV Box to your TV?

How to connect the TV Box to your TV?


Some day you purchase a tv box,do you know how to connect it to your tv ?

Put to white signal cable to connect your TV Box firstly.

1.Connect the white signal cable of the set-top box to the radio frequency behind the input port, here please note that there is a loop output next to the RF input is not connected, the instructions usually let you connect.

2.Then connecting the set-top box and the TV AV signal line, that is, red and white yellow three color lotus head, the TV will have the interface, some very old TV is not, you certainly have. There are multiple AV interfaces behind a part of the TV. If you receive AV1, you need to switch to AV1 on TV by turning on the TV, AV2 is the same AV1.

3.After that,insert the allocated smart card into the set-top box, pay attention to the direction and the positive and negative direction of the insertion.

4.Finally,connect the power supply of the set-top box and turn on it the TV and switch to the corresponding AV state

See,that's so easy.