The difference between all types TV BOX

publisher: Max Lee
Time: 2018-05-07
Summary: Set-top box has gradually become the leader of home entertainment. With the diversification of business development, set-top box function is more and more complex, more and more integration, and replacement speed of new product will be accelerated. Smart set-top boxes will become intelligent devices between TV, network and various applications, providing comprehensive information services for family. Below are the comparison between all types TV BOX:
CategorySet-top boxFunctionOperators
Digital Set-top BoxCable digital set-top boxReceive cable television networkBroadcasting
transmission over the digital TV
program signal, convert it into
an analog signal, making the
client’s analog TV can watch
digital TV
Terrestrial digital set-top boxReceive the TV signal transmission
tower to transmit the digital television
program signal, convert it into an analog
signal, so that the client’s analog TV can
watch digital TV
Satellite digital set -top boxReceive live satellite transmission
of digital TV program signal,it will
be converted into analog signals,
making the client’s analog TV can
watch digital TV
Network  set – top boxOTT Set-top boxConnected to the TV and the Internet,Internet operators;
allowingusers to use television to receivetelecom, Broadcasting
Internet video content and interaction,operators have begun
generally with Internet search, shopping,to try IPTV + OTT and
games and other derivative functions.DVB + OTT
At present, most OTT set-top boxes 
​equipped with Android system. 
IPTV Set-top boxCan be connected to the TV andtelecom operators
broadband network, provide similar
services like OTT set top box , the
difference is:
1,The content that IPTV set-top box provides
isn’t richer than OTT set-top box, but it can
provide live content;
2,provide IPTV and OTT content
required license;
3,The IPTV program is transmitted
by the operator controlled private
network, and the OTT program is
transmitted over the Internet.

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